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College Visitation Guidelines

Please read carefully……………………………………………….Please read carefully


Please read carefully if you plan to attend a college visit at Skyline High School.


The following rules and process has been implemented to maintain a respectful and orderly college visit. Students are expected to research colleges of interest and choose colleges that are within the range of their GPA and college entrance exam (SAT/ACT) scores.

Students and staff must be familiar with the following guidelines:

  1. Student academic status must be satisfactory before they are released from any class, especially if the student has already missed the class repeatedly for college visits.
  2. Students need to ask the permission specifically of the classroom teacher during the period of the visit. Entire classes may not be released for a college visit (unless discussed with Mr. Oden.
  3. Student must present the teacher with a “college visit” pass (available in the College & Career Center). The teacher must sign the pass to acknowledge that this student meet the criteria to be released from the class (see #1)
  4. Teachers have the discretion to refuse to release anyone, who they feel has had too many college visits during their class, bad behavior, falling grades, etc. Teachers may choose not to sign the “college pass” for the student.

College Visitation Process (broken down)

- Students and staff will be made aware of the college visits ahead of time (one week). A current list of visiting college will be posted outside of the College and Career Center as well as the website.

- Students will stop by B-327 to sign up prior to the college visit.

- During sign up the students will be given a “college visit pass” by Mr. Oden in which he/she must keep track of until the day of the presentation.

- Students will have the “college pass” signed specifically by the teacher during the time of the presentation.

***Note*** at the teacher’s discretion the student may or may not be allowed to attend the presentation (i.e. bad behavior in class, falling grades, or important test/assignments are reasons for presentation denial).

***Note*** The ONLY pass that will be accepted for entry into a college presentation is the official light blue college pass.

- If permitted by a teacher the student will bring the “college pass” to Mr. Oden and sign in for documentation that they were present during the presentation.

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