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 2552 N. Maple
 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Principal: Cory McElmeel


New High School Attendance Boundaries

June 15, 2006

Attendance Boundaries Approved by Board of Education

The Ann Arbor Public Schools Board of Education unanimously approved the new high school attendance boundaries recommendation at the June 14 Board of Education meeting.
The recommendation was derived from a process that started in August and included a 27-member committee of students, staff, administrators, parents and community members.
The recommendation process included the development of guiding parameters, a web survey, 6 community forums and 4 neighborhood center visits.
The committee carefully considered 9 scenarios and thoroughly reviewed data, best practices and detailed research to reach the recommendation that was brought forward by the Superintendent.

Strengths of the Recommendation

  • Solid geographical enrollment base at the new high school.
  • Does not splinter off small portions of either Forsythe or Clague.
  • Follows current Forsythe and Slauson attendance boundaries.
  • Significant number of Clague students (@400) will go to the new high school.
  • Major geographical break (Nixon Rd.) is used to divide the boundary between Huron and new high school.
  • Diversity balance is maintained at all 3 high schools.
  • No neighborhood groups were splintered.
  • Enrollment is reduced at both Huron and Pioneer.
  • 300 choice seats will be available at the new high school.
  • AATA has committed public bus service to new high school.
  • The new high school can be reached from Northeast with or without accessing M-14.

Map of New High School Boundaries

Changes from previous high school boundaries:

  • Moves Forsythe, Northside and Logan to the new school
  • Keeps Logan area east of Nixon at Huron
  • Adds Allen walk area to Pioneer
Click an attendance area below to see a larger image of that area.
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