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 2552 N. Maple
 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Principal: Cory McElmeel


Skyline's School Colors & Mascot

Thanks to the work of the future students of Skyline High School, we'd like to introduce you to:

The Skyline Eagles!

School colors: Columbia Blue & White, Click here for High Resolution Files

aashseagle250.png talons180.png
Hi-Res Images: skyline_crest_art_small_low_res.png  Hi-Res Images: skyline_crest_art_small_low_res_b-w.png

Skyline's Bald Eagle Mascot from the Leslie Science Center

To book the Bald Eagle for your Skyline school event or class, please contact Leanne Chadwick at

A Skyline Eagle Club has been formed! First meeting is Wednesday, June 3rd at 3:00 in the Commons-all are welcome!

Save the Date: The Bald Eagle will help the football team kick off their fall season on August 27th! See you then!

Mascot: eagle_2.jpg

Photo by: Ms. Hendrick's Graphics Students-term 3 2009 


Mascot: eagle_4.jpg

Photo by: Ms. Hendrick's Graphics Students-term 3 2009 

Mascot: eagle_3.jpg

Photo by: Ms. Hendrick's Graphics Students-term 3 2009 


Mascot: francie_lesliesc.jpg

Francie from the Leslie Science Center raptor specialist. Photo by: Ms. Hendrick's Graphics Students-term 3 2009 

Mascot: eagle_library.jpg

Francie from the Leslie Science Center raptor specialist.


Skyline's School Colors & Mascot Selection Process

The mascot and school color selection for Skyline High School kicked off immediately after winter break in January, 2007.

The students who will be attending Skyline High School were involved in the suggestion and selection process.

Working with Huron High's graphic design class, led by teacher Ann Hendrick, Principal Jackson and Liz Margolis met with each grade of students at Clague, Forsythe, Slauson and Ann Arbor Open who will be attending Skyline to engaged them in the process.

Huron High Students discussed branding and image development with the students showing them a variety of ways that mascots and school colors are used and displayed. A palette of colors was presented to the students as well as some mascot suggestions and students were given an opportunity to brainstorm ideas as well.

Each student group voted on the top five choices for mascot and color combinations which Huron's graphic design class took back and refined.

Students then voted on the selection to narrow down the choices to three and then one. Through this voting process the  plan was to have at least two viable choices of mascot and school colors.

The administration did have final say in the mascot and school colors, however, through this student-driven process the mascot and color selection was exciting, appropriate, and represents the student's choice.

Skyline's High Resolution Images

The images on the left are in one file that is available in 3 different formats.  Click on the links to download the appropriate file format.

Image File Type      Image File Type
Hi-Res Images: sky_logo_small.png 2 Color JPG Hi-Res Images: skyline_crest_art_small_low_res.png 2 Color JPG
2 Color PDF

2 Color EPS

Hi-Res Images: skyline_crest_art_small_low_res_b-w.png

1 Color EPS

These logos are only to be used for approved school activities.

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