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A High Performing School for the New Millennium
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 2552 N. Maple
 Ann Arbor, MI 48103
 Principal: Cory McElmeel


Meet The Skyline Staff

Note: To reduce the amount of spam our staff receives, we do not post full email addresses on our web site. To email a staff member, please add after their email username.

0001.jpgMs. Laurie Adams
Office Professional - Athletics

Email: adamsl

Education: Purdue University
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, knitting, bicycling. Traveling with my husband to NMU to drop off and pick up our daughter as needed. I love sports of all kinds(especially Skyline and Purdue)!
Strengths I bring to Skyline: Love of athletics and the desire to see all of our students succeed in and out of school. I believe I am very personable and able to help anyone in need. I like to help and try to offer before help is requested.
Length of service in Ann Arbor: 10 years- 5 as an elementary library clerk and with Skyline since we opened in 2008.
Length of service in Education: 17 years

gren_marie_agresar.jpgDr. Grenmarie Agresar

Email: agresar

Home Page

-Education: PhD in Biomedical Engineering and Scientific Computation, MA in Education, and BSE in Aerospace Engineering, all from the University of Michigan.
-Hobbies: volleyball, yoga, drawing and painting.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I bring a passion for teaching and learning, strong interdisciplinary content knowledge and research experience in science and mathematics, and volunteer experience working with children and youth in the Ann Arbor community. I believe in the power of education, not only to convey knowledge, but also to help students become critical thinkers, independent learners, and good, productive citizens. I enjoy developing positive relationships with students, while spreading my love of learning and employing the best educational practices available.
-Length of Service in Education: This is my 5th year at Skyline (2013). Before that I taught one term at the Early College Alliance at EMU, and at Forsythe Middle School for one year as a pre-service teacher.  I also directed a course at the University of Michigan.

jeff_austin.pngMr. Jeffrey Austin

Email: austinj

-Education: B.A. English, Political Science, The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; M.A. Teaching, The University of Michigan-Dearborn; M.A. Educational Administration and Policy, The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor; Social Studies Certification, Eastern Michigan 
-Hobbies: Reading, writing essays, writing music, attending concerts, traveling, and going to sporting events. 
-Strengths I Bring To Skyline: I have a wide range of educational and professional experiences that I can utilize to engage students in classroom learning.  In this, I believe that I can help any student meet the high expectations and standards at Skyline.  My range of experiences have equipped me to assess students using a variety of different mechanisms and methods.  My first priority is my students, and I will work diligently to help them succeed.
-Length of Service in Education: I have been teaching for six-and-a-half years.  I have spent time at Athens High School in Troy, Berkley High School in Berkley, The Center for Advanced Studies in Oak Park, and, now, Skyline High School.

Ms. Rebecca Ball
Social Studies

Email: ballr

-Education: BA in History and BFA in Theater from the University of Michigan;  Year abroad at the British-American Drama Academy in London;  MFA in Theater from UCLA;   Teaching Certificate in Social Studies and Speech from California State University at Northridge
-Hobbies: At the moment, my time is entirely dominated by my two small children, Sam and Joey, but at other times of my life, I have enjoyed reading historical fiction, writing fantasy, quilting, wandering through quaint small towns, watching movies with my husband, and listening to folk music.
-Strengths: I am passionate about history, and I attempt to bring to life the astonishing stories of those who set the foundations for the world we now inhabit.  I expect my students to work as hard as they are able, and I hope to instill in them spirit of curiosity mixed with a reasoned, critical approach to all they see and hear.  I do my best to show them my gratitude for their energy and joy.  They are tomorrow's generation, and I try to give them a few tools to use in their task of healing the world.
-Length of Service:  I taught at Pioneer from 2003 - 2011, when I transferred to Skyline.

jeremy.jpgMr. Jeremy Barkey
Athletic Director/Assistant Principal

Email: barkey

-Education: Bachelor of Science from MSU, Masters in Educational Leadership from University of Cincinnati
-Hobbies: Spending time with my family, watching sports, traveling whenever possible
-Strengths: Passion for athletics, sincere interest in seeing students succeed
-Length of service in education- 13 years

nikki_barrett.jpgMs. Nicole (Nikki) Barrett
Science Teacher

Email: barrettn

-Education: American University, Washington D.C.; Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Arts in Teaching; Played field hockey and lacrosse all four years on scholarship and was the graduate assistant coach while I obtained my Master’s Degree.
Certification: DA & DX
-Hobbies:  Spending time with my family and our 3 dogs, coaching (field hockey and lacrosse at the varsity level for over 10 years), traveling, boating (wakeboarding, water skiing), snow boarding, scuba diving and art.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I create a classroom environment that is accessible and engaging to all students, one that enhances student development and academic growth via the use of various technologies and real world applications.  I articulate and model high expectations for all students.  I believe all students can master a challenging curriculum.  I encourage students to be self -advocates and life long learners.
-Teaching experience: 15 years. 11 years in the Washington DC Metro Area (Montgomery County, Maryland) and 4 years in Michigan.

melvin_baskin.jpgMr. Melvin Baskin
Community Assistant

Email: baskin

brandon.jpgMr. Brandon Bedinger
Community Assistant

Email: bedingerb

-Education: Bachelors and Masters from EMU
-Hobbies: Sports, lifting weights, walking my dogs at the dog park
-Strengths: Passionate about seeing students succeed. I like challenging students to achieve more than they think they can.
-Length of service in education: 7 years

anne_bezeau.jpgMs. Anne Bezeau
Health and Physical Education

Email: bezeaua

-Education:  I received my Bachelors Degree at Central Michigan University in Health Education and Recreation.  I also went to Eastern Michigan University to pick up an additional endorsement in Physical Education.  I obtained my Masters Degree in Education through Spring Arbor College.  

-Hobbies:  My husband and I have two children (boys 12 and 10) so many of my hobbies revolve around them. They are both on travel baseball teams, and also play basketball and football. I also enjoy reading, working in my flower beds, walking, boating, swimming, eating and attending and cheering on UM football & basketball.  
-Strengths I Bring to Skyline:  I love teaching Health and Physical Education.  I want kids to know they have have control and choice over the decisions they make.   So I feel my job is to help them discover and understand that how they choose to live now can alter their path to the future.  I also want our students at Skyline to enjoy their four years here- so I'm very involved with student activities through organizations like Student Action Senate and Link Crew. 
-Years Teaching: 19 Years 

Mr. John Birko
Ann Arbor Student Building Industries Program: Instructor

Email: birkoj

Ms. Marianne Black
Hearing Impaired


jeff_b.jpgMr. Jeffrey Bradley
Science Teacher, Lead Teacher Health & Medicine Magnet

Email: bradleyj

Home Page

-Education: BS, MS University of Michigan, Bio & PhySci. Nationally Board Certified Teacher 
-Hobbies: Family, skiing, running with my Siberian Husky, playing the bagpipes. 
-Strength brought to Skyline- Mr. Bradley believes in the ancient Chinese proverb; You hear it you forget, You see it you remember, You do it you understand. Mr. Bradley believes in labs and activities to move student’s science education forward. The one doing the work is the one doing the learning. 
-Academic Interests; Pedagogy, Infectious diseases, epidemiology, virology, bacteriology, pathology, macromolecules, anatomy and physiology, homeostasis, genetics, engineering, dinosaurs, Mastodon our State Fossil, Solar Energy, physics, chemistry, women involved in science and engineering too. 
-Length of Service: Mr. Bradley has been in the AAPS as a science teacher since 1987.  Mr. Bradley has received the Science Teacher of The Year as well as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics and Science .  This is the award given every two years by the White House. 

-Mr. Bradley is the Lead Teacher of the Health & Medicine Biomedical Sciences Magnet.  He teaches, Principles of Biomedical Science, Human Body Systems, Medical Interventions, Biomedical Innovations, Medical Science Research, Epidemiology, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Science of Wellness and Biotechnology.  He works for The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center Project Healthy Schools as well as independent work for vCases and the CDC,, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ms._britton_2.jpgMs. Alberta Britton
SLC Principal

Email: brittona

-Education:  MBE (Masters of Business Education), Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI; BA Social Studies and Business Administration, LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN; Extended Coursework and Professional Development in leadership, curriculum, and technology from various learning institutions in Michigan, and Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.
-Hobbies:  Reading, Music, and Digital Gadgets
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I bring experience in Smaller Learning   Communities, Digital Learning Communities, Career and Technical Education, integrating technology into the curriculum using digital tools for 21st Century Learning, working as a team player, and a passion for education and the ability to work with all children.
-Length of Service in Education:  20+ years, which includes experience as an assistant principal, curriculum leader, and teacher.

Mr. Chanterius Brock
Community Assistant

Email: brockc

brodie_brockie.jpgMr. Brodie Brockie
Office Manager

Email: brockie

-Education: BA, English, Michigan Statue University
-Hobbies and Interests: theatre, writing, illustration, guitar
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: communication, compassion, and creative problem-solving. I enjoy being a part of the Skyline community and acting as a friendly resource for our students, parents, and staff.
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: one year
-Length of service in Education: one year

Ms. Jennifer Bryant-Lenardon
English Language Arts

Email: bryantlenardonj

Home Page

-Education: B.A. in English and French from Eastern Michigan University; History Certification, Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies: Reading, relearning how to play piano, finding great food to eat, roller skating, baking
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  Passion for the power of education, sense of humor, and moxie.
-Length of Service in Education: 10 years:  1 year in Southfield Public Schools; 9 years teaching English (7 years) and French (4 years) in Detroit Public Academies.  This is my first year with Ann Arbor Public Schools.

tracy_bukis.jpgMs. Tracy Bukis

Email: bukist

toni.jpgMs. Toni Burton

Email: burtonl

-Education: BA and MA , Education, University of Michigan
-Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Jazz, Eating Out
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Twenty years of team teaching and interdisciplinary instruction, teaching independence and responsibility in students, a love of collaboration and fun!
-Length of Service in Ann Arbor: 26 years
-Length of Service in Education: 29 years

toni_cain.jpgMs. Toni Cain
Resource Room Teacher

Email: caint

-Education- I have a BS from Eastern Michigan University in Elementary Education with a Math major and Group Sciences minor. I have an MAT from Madonna University in Learning Disabilities. I also have several additional classes of coursework in Autism Spectrum Disorders.
-Hobbies- I love to read, especially mysteries featuring forensic science. I also enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood with my husband and our two Chihuahuas, Gabby and Zena.
-Strengths- I bring experience as both a general education teacher and as a special education teacher. I have had experience in co-teaching as both a general and special education teacher. I am Reading Apprenticeship trained and have been using these strategies for teaching reading in content areas for three years. I also bring a strong background in building positive relationships with students, parents and staff.
-Service in Education- I started my career as a general education teacher at a charter school in Ypsilanti where I worked as a middle school math teacher and then as a 5th grade teacher. While I was finishing my degree in special education, I spent a year at Novi Middle School. During that year, I was a long term sub in 7th grade math and then completed my special education student teaching in a 7th grade Resource Room. I have spent the last four years as a Resource Room teacher in Howell.

Mr. Cinque Carter
Teachers Assistant

Email: carterci

Ms.  Misti Charbonneau
Hearing Impaired

Email: charbonm

Ms. Shui Cheng
World Languages - Chinese

Email: chengs

lynn_ciechanski.jpgMs. Lyn CieChanski
Choral Teacher

Email: ciechanl

Home Page

-Education: Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Vocal Performance, University of Michigan 2002, Master of Music Education, University of Michigan 2007
-Hobbies: Music, Sailing, Skiing, Writing, hanging out with my family and friends including my husband, out daughter Maryn, and our two dogs.
-Strength that I bring to Skyline: In addition to sharing the extensive musical training I've received throughout my life, I strive to bring professionalism into the field of vocal music for our young students. I value the importance of teaching many genres and styles of music to expose students to the richness of various musical cultures. I truly love vocal music and hope to instill a similar passion in my students. A philosophy I strive to live by is this; Character and professionalism are equal partners to talent and intelligence in any situation.
-Academic Interests: Vocal and choral music, contemporary a cappella music, reading and writing about music education, art and culture, music history, music theory, and music theater. I also enjoy attending and presenting at professional music and education conferences.
-Length of Service: After teaching vocal music at Henry Ford II High School in Utica for 5 years, I transfered to Skyline High School in 2008 and look forward to many more successful years here!

david_coupland.jpgMr. David Coupland

Email: coupland

Home Page

<div>-Education: &nbsp;M.A. in Education, University of Michigan. M.S. in Geophysics, University of Michig. B.S. in Geology, University of New Hampshire.&nbsp;</div><div>-Hobbies and Interests: &nbsp;I love the outdoors and enjoy backpacking, biking, and kayaking. &nbsp;In 2004 I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. &nbsp;I also enjoy gardening and home improvement projects.</div><div>-Strengths I bring to Skyline: &nbsp;I worked in software development, management, and marketing for 21 years then ran a small educational nonprofit for 4 years before starting my teaching career, which gives me a "real-world" perspective on education. &nbsp;I frequently connect our work in the classroom to the skills that colleges and employers are looking for, and explain the excellent opportunities available in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). &nbsp;I also coach the Skyline Robotics team.</div><div>-Length of service in Ann Arbor: 4 years (this is my 5th)</div><div>-Length of service in education: 7 years</div>

andrea.jpgMs. Andrea Cowper
Director of Orchestras

Email: cowper

Home Page

<div style="text-align: justify;">-Education:&nbsp; Bachelor of Music Education Degree from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg, MO.&nbsp;&nbsp; Master of Music Education Degree from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Illinois.<br /><div>-Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy p<span>laying the violin and viola in musicals throughout the area, spending time with family and friends, traveling, camping, kayaking, biking and relaxing.</span></div><span>-Strengths I bring to Skyline:&nbsp; I bring an excitement for teaching orchestra to Skyline High School along with experience and knowledge of building a string program.&nbsp; My passion for teaching and strong drive will help to build a very strong program.<br />-Length of Service in Ann Arbor: &nbsp;I moved to Michigan in 2008 to accept the position at Skyline High School. &nbsp;I have loved opening this school and am excited to teach here everyday. &nbsp;Skyline is an exceptional place.<br /></span><div><span>-Length of Service in Education: Prior to moving to Ann Arbor in 2008 I taught band and orchestra for 8 years in Spring Hill, Kansas.</span></div></div>

kelly_czajka.jpgMs. Kelly Czajka
Social Studies

Email: czajkak

-Education:  Hope College  majors: Ancient Civilization/Studio Art; minor Latin
Millikin University major:  Secondary Ed. concentrations History/Political Science
-Masters in the works!
-Hobbies:  My daughter, Sewing for my business TwoStepStudio, Reading
-Career:  7th year in the district

Ms. Nicole Davis
Special Education

Email: davisn

Ms. Kim Dean

Email: dean

Ms. Suzanne Dickie
Special Education

Email: dickies

Ms. Freda Didlake

Email: didlakef

pat_j.jpgMs. Patricia Douglass Jenkins
Communication, Public Policy and Media Magnet Lead Teacher

Email: jenkinsp

Home Page

-EDUCATION: BA in History from Dartmouth College and BA in Education with Social Studies major from University of Michigan; Master’s degrees in Public Policy and Urban Planning from University of Michigan.
-HOBBIES: reading, listening to jazz music, bargain shopping
-STRENGTHS I bring to Skyline: (a) work experience as financial analyst, policy analyst, administrator, business owner and management consultant; (b) life experience from residing in New York (NY), Essex County (NJ) and Irvine (CA); (c) “can do” attitude; (d) a passion for teaching -- and learning from -- high school students.

ashley_bridendall.jpgMs. Ashley Ducker
Social Studies

Email: duckera

-Education: B.S. in History and Secondary Education from Vanderbilt University.  I am currently working towards a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction at Eastern Michigan University.
-Hobbies: international travel, reading, photography, painting, snowboarding, and watching dance movies.  
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I believe everyone has something to say and something to learn.  I strive to help my students expand their cultural literacy and become analytical and thoughtful members of society. I love teaching social studies and hope that my passion for the material and commitment to student success enhances all that we do in the classroom.
-Length of service in Education: 9 years

ross_dunbar.jpgMr. Ross Dunbar

Email: dunbarr

Home Page

-Education: B.A. in History and Government from Oberlin College, M.S. in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University, M.Ed. from George Washington University.
-Hobbies: Playing with my kids.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I love teaching!
-Length of Service in Education: 12 years.

sara.pngDr. Sara Duvall
Lead for Media & Technology

Email: duvall

Home Page

-Education: Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership & Curriculum
-Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Gardening, Cooking, Building a Romany Vardo (Gyspy Wagon)
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Strategic and Big Picture thinking, Creativity and big ideas, Consensus building, Morale building, Collaboration processes.  Vision of a 21st century school library as an iCommons.
-Length of service in education: 14 years

Mr. Rolando Eccleston
Teacher Assistant

Email: eccleston

Ms.  Edwards
Self-Contained Teacher


ms.elam.pngMs. Sharell Elam
World Languages - Spanish & Psychology

Email: elam

-Education: M.A., Wayne State University; B.A., Kalamazoo College: Diploma, Cranbrook Upper School
-Hobbies and Interests: Travel; Conducting cross-cultural research about PTG; Anime
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: An appreciation for the diverse experiences that my students possess; creating a comfortable classroom environment for an open exchange of ideas without fear of ridicule.
-Length of service: This is my ninth year in education as a profession and my first year with Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Mr. Jeremy Eldred
Technology Assistant

Email: eldred

-Hobbies and Interests: Socializing, Music, Movies, Reading, Gaming, Golfing, Watching MMA, Going to live sporting events, Kayaking, Camping, Hiking, Biking, Wishing I had a sports car - to name a few.
-Strengths: Problem solving, patience with my customers, and a desire to help others.
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: Since 2002

elmore.jpgMs. Casey Elmore
SLC Principal

Email: elmore

-Education: Ed.S. in Educational Leadership, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI (April 2011); MA in Reading, Eastern Michigan, Ypsilanti,MI; BS major:English, Language and Literature/ Secondary Education, minor: Art Education.
-Hobbies: reading mystery and crime novels, music, spending time with my family and traveling
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I bring deep knowledge of adolescent literacy across content areas. I have extensive training in Reading Apprenticeship and have facilitated professional development for many teachers across Washtenaw County. I am also skilled in integrating technology into the curriculum. Furthermore, I work as a team player and believe in the power of collaboration. My strong belief that all students can learn drives me to continue to be an advocate for the best interest of all students.
-Length of Service in Education: 12 years

sunnie_espers.jpgMs. Sunnie Esper

Email: esper

img_0996.jpgMs. Sabrina Ficano-Petricca
World Languages Lead: Spanish & French

Email: ficanos

Home Page

-Education: I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelors in General Studies.  I created my own major and specialized in Italian, Spanish, French, Sign Language, Business, Communications, and Linguistics.  Upon graduation I moved to New York City to pursue a career in public relations.  As much as I loved Manhattan, I decided that P.R. was just not for me and I returned home to attain my Masters of Arts in Teaching at Wayne State University.  I am certified in Spanish, French, and Italian.   I also taught Italian for WSU while working on my Masters degree.  I am currently pursuing my doctorate  in Foreign Language Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Italian and I hope to graduate in 2015.
-Hobbies and Interests: I have worked in several business positions prior to becoming a teacher.  Upon graduation from UofM, I moved to Manhattan, NY where I worked as a public relations executive for a pharmaceutical firm.  My many hobbies include running, bike riding, traveling, music, and spending lots of time with my dog Gini (who understands Italian!).  I have traveled quite extensively around the world thanks to my desire to experience new cultures.  I have been to Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, the Middle East, China, the Netherlands, Greece, Turkey, and Poland.  I never want to stop traveling!  I also did a study abroad for my Masters in Gagliano Aterno, a small town in Italy where my great grandparents were born.  
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A hard work ethic, dedication to students, and absolute love for all languages and cultures.  I specialize in authentic or “real-world” assessments through which I hope to bring joy and meaning to what students learn in Spanish and French to their everyday lives.
-Length of Service in Education: I began teaching Spanish in 2007 at Grosse Pointe North and South High Schools before coming to Skyline to teach Spanish and now French.

jeff_finnan.jpgMr. Jeff Finnan
Science Teacher

Email: finnanj

Home Page

-Education:  Master of Arts in Education (MAT), U of M-Dearborn; Ph.D. in chemistry, Northwestern U; BS in biochemistry, Stony Brook U.
-Strengths: Past corporate research and development. Not only am I teaching science, I have lived the life of a scientist. Ever the experimentalist, inveterate tinkerer, never satisfied, I have explored alternative methods that go beyond a slide presentation or a traditional worksheet. In particular I am developing interactive online content through the use of my own MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) site:
-Length of Service in Education: I taught the past five years chemistry, AP chemistry and biology at Southfield High School and Lathrup High School. This is my first year at Skyline High School.
-Industrial Experience: Research and Development in vitamins and flavor and fragrances for 20 years with 15 patents.

Ms. Elena Flores
World Languages: Spanish

Email: floresem

collin_ganio.jpgMr. Collin Ganio
World Languages: Latin

Email: ganioc

-Education: B.A. in Classical Languages, University of California at Berkeley (GO BEARS!); M.A. in Classics, University of Michigan.
-Hobbies: I enjoy hiking, weightlifting, and cycling—all of which require little to no hand-eye coordination.  I also like listening to music, computer gaming, traveling, annoying my students, and accidentally breaking stuff.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I have extensive experience teaching in a small community environment where emphasis is given to educating the whole student. I can communicate (with varying degrees of success) in ancient Greek, Latin, French, German, and Italian.  I believe that learning is a collaborative experience through which student and teacher can learn from one another.  I firmly believe that the only time we stop learning is when we die.  I love learning, and I love working with my students.
-Years in Education:  1 year at Bentley High School in California and 6 years at Roeper Middle and Upper School in Birmingham, MI.  I've been at Skyline since the school opened its doors in 2008.  Go Eagles!

Mr. Frank Garcia

Email: garciaf

corrine_gignac.jpgMs. Corrine Gignac
Visual & Fine Arts Teacher

Email: gignac

-Education:  1990 M.A. Art Education/ University of Michigan Rackham School & The School of Art & Art History,  1985 B.A. (cum laude) Art K-12, English 9-12, University of Detroit-Mercy College,  1974-5 Fine Arts/ Center for Creative Studies-College of Art & Design,  1987-89 Vocal Music, Art History/ Oakland University, Rochester, MI. 1994 Summer/  Arrowmount School of Art, Gatlinburg, TN., 1997 Computer Tech./ Notre Dame, Cleveland, OH., 1984-5 Ceramics/ Oakland Community College-Orchard Ridge, Farmington Hills, MI.
-Hobbies:  Choir, Watercolor Painting, Drawing, Equestrian, Fashion.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I truly enjoy teaching, making & showing Art.  I like bringing insight to students per newfound Art abilities and supporting their confidence with them.
-Length of Service in Education: I began teaching Art right out of High School in 1972 at Civic Centers with Rec & Edu. (Southfield, Birmingham, Lake Orion, and Ann Arbor), The Cleveland Music School Settlement, Cleveland, Ohio, and The Fairmount Fine Arts Center, Novelty, Ohio, up until 1999. Since then I have been a teacher of the Visual Arts for: Birmingham, MI., Lake Orion, MI., The Dept. of Defense Dependents Schools (Torrejon AFB High School Madrid, Spain), and The Ann Arbor Public School (1999) districts.

Ms. Meredith Glitner

Email: giltnerm

rebecca_g.pngMs. Rebecca Godek
Social Studies

Email: godek

Home Page

-Education: MA in Education (University of Michigan) BA in Sociology (University of Michigan)
-Hobbies: I coach both the men's and women's water polo teams at Skyline, I love to travel, and spend time with friends and family
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I hope to serve as an energetic personality in which students can trust and feel comfortable and confident around. I strive to provide an environment in which students learn from different approaches and perspectives, and attempt to make history come alive in the classroom. 
-Length of service in Education: I have been teaching since 2008, all years within AAPS

paul_goyal.jpgMr. Paul Goyal
Teacher Assistant

Email: goyal

-Education: M.A. in English from Punjab University and M.Phil in Linguistics from Himachal Pradesh University.
-Hobbies: Reading, writing, publishing, meditation, Indian movies and music. My book Day after Christmas: Reflections on Tsunami Disaster and Survival was published by Northside Publishing in 2005. My articles on Buddha, Gandhi, Rumi, Ravi Shankar, Tagore, Iraq War, President Obama, etc., have appeared in Ann Arbor News, Chandigarh Tribune, Muse India, India Abroad, etc.
-Strengths I Bring to Skyline: Pursuit of excellence, multiple perspectives, competitiveness, embracing tradition and celebrating individual talents. I have a passion for teaching and helping students in going beyond common hurdles and in their academic pursuits. I am at ease with the British, American, and Indian literature and multiple cultures. I enjoy reciting poetry. Have recited my poems at Poetry Slams held at Hill Auditorium and Michigan League Theater along with Skyline Poets.
-Length of Service in Education: 20+ years:- 12 years as Lecturer in English at Hindu College of M.D. University, 2 years as Instructor of South Asian Languages at SAIS (School of Advanced International Studies) of Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC. I Joined Skyline in 2009.

ben_graham.jpgMr. Benjamin Graham

Email: grahamb

-Education: I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended Burns Park, Slauson, and graduated from Pioneer in 1994. I also attended the Residential College at the University of Michigan, where I graduated with a BA in English & Drama and my certification to teach secondary English and Spanish in 2000. I later earned my MA in Guidance/Counseling from EMU in 2007.
-Hobbies: Growing up, my hobbies included acting in plays and playing wheelchair basketball for the Ann Arbor Thunderbirds. During college, I played a lot of chess and I wrestled with the U of M Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club. Now I enjoy working out, reading, and watching TV and movies.
-Length of service in education: In 2000 I taught Performing Arts at Tappan. In 2001 I taught Spanish at Huron. Since then, I have worked as a records coordinator, para-educator and young adult counselor in Ypsilanti. This will be my fifth year at Skyline.
-Strengths: I have always connected extremely well with students, especially students trying to overcome the difficult challenges of their teenage years. I even wrote a novel based on my own struggles. Much of the book focuses on the difficulties of growing up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and on finding the resilience to succeed in spite of them. I think resilience may be the most important quality that educators can foster in our students. No matter how smoothly things are going right now, there will be bumps in the road. Getting over those bumps in one piece and learning how best to handle them in the future are skills we can all work on. Teens need compassionate, consistent counselors who will help to guide them down the road. After all, they’re just starting to drive.

cassandra.jpgMs. Cassandra Guidry Benion
Assistant Director, Student Intervention & Support Services (SISS)

Email: benion

-Assignment: Assistant Director for Student Intervention and Support Services (SISS), responsible for coordinating special education programs/services for all high schools and supervising speech and language therapists and the Hearing Impaired Program
-Education: B. A. and M.A.,  Michigan State University; General and Special Education, M.A.,  Western Michigan University; Educational Leadership
-Hobbies: traveling, baking, and spending time with my daughter and husband
-Strengths: I am passionate about all students, especially my work with students with special needs.  I also enjoy working with people that help facilitate positive and effective change.  I am a strong advocate for students and parents.  I also believe in empowering others.
-Length of Service to AAPS: 2 years
-Experience in the Field:  24 years in education, 15 years as a special education teacher and consultant, three(3) years as an general education administrator and six (6) years as a special education administrator

cheryl.jpgMs. Cheryl Haller
Community Assistant & Drop-In Teacher (after school academic support supervisor)

Email: haller

-Education: Notre Dame College of Ohio,Teacher Certification- Secondary Education; University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, Bachelor of Science, Speech Communications and concentration in Marketing. Eastern and Central Michigan University- graduate coursework.
-Strengths: As a Community Assistant: Creating a caring, positive, and productive climate for student learning; teaching students how to problem solve, advocate for themselves, develop constructive learning habits, and experience a joy for learning.
At the Drop-In: Collaboratively working on academics with diverse learners, teaching them to be the best they can be individually AND collectively as part of our Skyline community.
-Hobbies: watching HGTV (“Househunters” addict), reading, travel, recreational sports
-Experience/Teaching: Taught in Medina OH before relocating to Michigan: 4 years 11th and 12th grade Speech, American Lit, and Media Literacy for both reg ed and at-risk population 1 year 9th-12th grade mild to moderate special needs English, Math & History. Worked in business for a marketing company representing Amoco Oil, Johnson Controls and Hewlett Packard prior to becoming a teacher.
Trained in peer mediation, and crisis prevention & intervention.

jack_hentz.jpgMr. Jack Hentz

Email: hentz

Home Page

- Education: BBA (Computer Systems) and MS (Physical Geography) from Eastern Michigan University.  Secondary science certification: Earth Science (major), General Science (minor).
- Hobbies: I enjoy reading science fiction and mystery novels, and science magazines to keep me current with new discoveries.
- Strengths I bring to Skyline: I grew up in Ann Arbor and graduated from Huron High School.  I have lived in this community for most of my life. I believe that science is an essential part of a students education.  I feel that my enthusiasm for this subject helps to motivate students to both enjoy and excel in science.
- Length of Service in Education: After working in the business sector for years, I returned to school to become certified to teach science.  I began my teaching career in 1999, teaching one year in Allen Park.  In 2000 I began teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

kathe_hetter.jpgMs. Kathe Blue Hetter
Science Curriculum Lead Teacher

Email: hetter

Home Page

-Education: Michigan Technological University: BS Biological Science Chemistry Minor; BS Business and Engineering Administration; Eastern Michigan University: Secondary Education Certification; MS General Science, Eastern Michigan University.
-Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Gardening, Biking, walking/hiking, and a science workshop junkie.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A love and enthusiasm of science and sharing this with students and peers. A great desire to learn about new trends in education and science, especially science education by taking workshops around the country and courses at universities and staying current in the latest topics in science. Experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. I love doing “hands on” science which means lots of labs and demos and taking my annual Halloween Chemistry Spooktacular to Skyline. Desire for all students to learn that science is something that is all around us and fun!
-Length of Service in Education: I have been teaching for 14 years in Ann Arbor.

laurie_h.jpgMs. Laurie Hochrein

Email: hochrein

-Education: BS from Eastern Michigan University with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Physical Education MA from Eastern Michigan University in Educational Technology
-Hobbies: I love photography and traveling.  I enjoy reading a good book and doing crossword and Sudoku puzzles. Spending quality time with my family is also very important to me.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I have a passion for teaching and I have an intense desire to help students achieve great things!
-Length of Service: 30 years. Prior to coming to Skyline HS, I have taught mostly at Clague MS and Pioneer HS.

Ms. Patrice Howard
English Language Arts

Email: howardp

Mr. Jay Howe

Email: howe

kathleen_illaro.jpgMs. Kathleen Ilaoro

Email: ilaoro

-Education:  BS mathematics U of M, MA with certification U of M
-Hobbies: reading, cooking, driving cross country, wilderness, healing, art, topology, writing
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I am an eager and practicing student of the art of collaborative communities. I am confident that every person can learn algebra/geometry and I know that even if (a remote possibility) a person never uses the content, the learning itself will open new dimensions in thinking capacity. My chosen field is how people learn algebra/geometry and I learn from my students as they learn from me. I believe that learning, change and growth happen through the medium of relationship and that safety, belonging, respect and engagement are essential. I'll do what it takes to authentically teach mathematics and I don't give up on anyone.
-Length of Service in Education: 13 years

rhoda.jpgMs. Rhoda Isenberg
Teachers Assistant

Email: Isenberg

-Education: MBA from Eastern Michigan University and BS in Natural Resources from The University of Michigan.
-Hobbies: reading, needlepoint, skiing, gardening and spending quality time with my family.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: As a lifelong learner I bring a passion for learning and a belief that education is the key to success. I share this with my students as I help them do their best.
-Length of Service to Education: I began volunteering in schools many years ago and became a Teacher Assistant in 2002. I have been a Teacher Assistant at Skyline since Winter 2009.

krystal.jpgMs. Kristal Jaaskelainen
English Language Arts Lead

Email: jaaskela

-Education: BA, English, University of Michigan; MA, Teaching for Diversity, Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies: Reading (anything and everything!), writing, Texas Hold ‘Em, UofM Football
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Passion for and belief in public education. Strong educational philosophy based in the ability of every individual to learn. Experience with cross-curricular and team teaching. Strong work ethic, enthusiasm and positive energy.
-Length of Service in Education: 7 years in AAPS at Stone High School

heather_jackson.jpgMs. Heather Jackson
Office Professional - Scheduling

Email: jacksonh

kim_jackson.jpgMs. Kim Jackson
Physical Education

Email: jacksonk

Education:  B.A. in Education with Physical Education and Health majors and a Psychology minor from Saginaw Valley State University; M.A. in Physical Education Pedagogy from Eastern Michigan University.
Hobbies: I enjoy many forms of exercise including weight training, elliptical, jogging, biking, yoga and swimming.  I also like to travel, shop and read.
Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I bring a passion and enthusiasm for physical fitness.  I participate regularly in a variety of fitness activities and I understand the benefits of being physically fit and the implications from not being physically fit.  I have strong content knowledge, I believe in the importance of lifelong fitness and I am determined to help each student find a sport or fitness related activity they can benefit from, succeed at, and have fun with.
Length of service:  Five years in Ann Arbor Public Schools at Clague, Slauson and Tappan.

Ms. Katrina Jenkins
Office Professional - Academic Records

Email: jenkinsk

Home Page

Mr. Craig Jobe

Email: jobec

mike_jones.jpgMr. Michael Jones
Science Teacher

Email: jonesm

Home Page

-Education:I graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Cellular Molecular Biology and completed my teaching certification work and earned a Masters of Education from Marygrove College.
-Hobbies: I enjoy watching action and science fiction movies.  Star Wars and Star Trek are my favorites.  I also love playing Sudoku, Chess, Boggle, Scrabble an a host of other board games.  One of my other favorite hobbies is cooking, especially grilling.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:I bring to Skyline a great passion for teaching and learning in creative and exciting ways.  I enjoy making lessons come to life, highlighting the practicality of the material I teach, and having students experience the concepts in tangible ways!  Being competitive, I strive for excellence and expect those around me to do the same.  I also bring to Skyline the experience of coordinating and writing integrated curriculum-based projects for language arts, science and math - thus making the curriculum come to life and providing real-world experience for students.
-Length of Service in Education:I have been teaching since 1992 beginning at Cass Technical High School for 18 years and then moving to Skyline High School in 2010.

Ms. Ellen Karpiak
World Languages - French

Email: karpiuk

-Education: I have a B.A. from the University of Michigan with majors in French and history as well as a M.A. from the University of Michigan in education.
-Interests: I love animals! I ride my horse and give riding lessons (moonlighting on the side!) and have two dogs that I walk with and spoil. I read all kinds of fiction, but have a special fondness for a good murder mystery. I also love to travel, especially to France and get there at least twice a year.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I am an experienced teacher with twelve years under my belt now. I love to laugh with my students and have a classroom that combines humor and serious study. I believe in students collaborating with one another and with me so we can help each other, know one another well and feel comfortable as we do the hard work toward French fluency.

cynthia.jpgMs. Cynthia King
Resource Room Teacher

Email: kingc

-Education: BS Wayne State University

- Elementary Ed. K-8 all subjects Special Education CI K-12; M.Ed candidate Wayne State University Special Education EI/LD Highly qualified in English and Social Studies. -Hobbies: Music (amateur violinist), reading, cooking, sewing, visual arts

-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I consider myself an excellent team player who absolutely loves children, teaching and LEARNING!

-Length of Service in Education: I've been a teacher since age six, however, those years don't count toward my retirement. I have been employed in the state of Michigan as a teacher for more than twenty-four years. Having been a student of education for as many years, I have both seen and been a part of educational reform. Guiding each of my professional decisions has been my belief that all children can learn.

kathi_kobylarz.jpgMs. Kathi Kobylarz
Resource Teacher

Email: kobylark

- Education: Austism Spectrum Disorders, Madonna University; M.Ed Special Education-Learning Disabilities, University of Michigan-Dearborn; B.A. English Language Arts & Public Speaking, Madonna University
- Hobbies: Jazzercise, Zumba, reading, music, nature walks with my husband and dog, vacations with my family
- Strengths I bring to Skyline: Highly Qualified to co-teach all core curriculum classes; experience and love of working with different cultures; strong collaborator and advocate for my students and their families; strong problem solver; Applied Behavior Analysis experience from my work with children in Beaumont Hospital’s CARE program.
- Length of Service in Education: 11 years: 4 at Inkster High School (Inkster), 2 at Fordson High School (Dearborn), 1 at Ypsilanti High School’s Saturday Academy program, 1 at Livonia Public Schools (Non-verbal Autism Spectrum Disorders Extended School Year) and 3 at Skyline High School. I love it here and hope to teach here for many years to come!

chris_kohl.jpgMr. Chris Kohl
Health - P.E.

Email: kohl

Ms. Rachel Kopka
Office Professional - SLC

Email: kopka

wendy.jpgMs. Wendy LaPere
Special Education

Email: laperew

-Education: MA, Special Education and BS, Science, Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies and Interests: Yoga, Biking, Walking/Hiking, Traveling, and Cooking.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Enthusiasm for teaching, experience in co-teaching and passion to help all students achieve their academic potential.
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: 4 years, in Ann Public Schools
-Length of service in Education: 8 years

mike_lacloux.jpgMr. Mike LeCloux
Special Education Resource Teacher

Email: leclouxm

-Education: BS Secondary Education, Political Science major, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  MS Special Education, St. Cloud State University.
-Hobbies: My hobbies and interests are road cycling, camping, fishing, brewing, and traveling.
-Strengths: I believe that relationships are the foundation for educating children and working with adults.
-Length of Service in Ann Arbor: The 2013-2014 school year will be my 9th year with AAPS.  I have been teaching at Skyline since the doors opened and this is my 19th year as an educator.

mike_lovelace.jpgMr.  Mike Lovelace
Math, Science, and elective Engineering courses

Email: lovelace

Home Page

-Education: Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and a masters in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan. I received a teaching certificate from Eastern Michigan University with a math major and a minor in physics. I am also Skyline's Head Boy's Basketball Coach.
-Strengths: I bring an enormous amount of enthusiasm and love of life into the school atmosphere. I will get involved in many different aspects of the school community and will be a major factor in promoting strong school spirit. I am extremely organized and I focus on consistent and highly informative communication with families through various media. My teaching style is centered on focusing all curriculum on appropriate student contexts and real world application. At the heart of it all, I believe in developing and sustaining strong student relationships while increasing student confidence and interest, to promote a high level of academic success.
-Hobbies: I enjoy teaching, coaching basketball, playing golf and spending time with my son Wesley (4) daughter Josie (2.5) and my wife Meredith. Meredith and I love to attend many sporting events and we love to travel and try to do one big trip a year. In 2006, we went to London England for 10 days and would suggest this to everyone! In April 2012 we went to Italy and visited Milan, Rome, Venice and Belagio! Finally, I thoroughly enjoy working with the very professional and ambitious staff that is Skyline High School.
-Length of Service: I have been teaching in Ann Arbor since 2000 and have coached athletics in Ann Arbor since 1995.

kathy.jpgMs. Kathryn MacKercher
Special Education

Email: mackerck

-Education: MA, Special Education, Eastern Michigan University; BA, History and Sociology, Central Michigan University.
-Hobbies: Travel, music, hiking, family.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: My career encompasses a range of experiences requiring innovation and building strong relationships with students and their families.
-Length of service in education: 12 years

kristin_sm.pngMs. Kristin Mahler

Email: mahlerk

Home Page

-Education: Bachelor of Science-Nursing, University of Massachusetts-Boston,  Masters of Public Health, University of Michigan
-Hobbies: Reading, Exploring different approaches to health and illness, Gardening, Spending time with family and friends
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I have a range of experience, in a variety of health delivery/maintenance areas: hospital, doctor’s office, camp, working with migrant farm worker teens, and teaching nursing students.  I am excited to be a part of the Skyline community.  I am committed to working with parents and educators to help prepare all students to succeed at school.
-Length of Service in Education: 20+ years

Ms. Gina Maksimchuk
Special Education

Email: maksimcc

Mr. Zachary Martiny
Teacher Assistant

Email: martiny

cory_mcelmeel.jpgMr. Cory McElmeel

Email: mcelmeel

amy_mcloughlin.jpgMs. Amy McLoughlin

Email: mclough

-Education: Masters of Education in School Counseling from Bowling Green State University.
-Hobbies: Soccer, softball, power tool projects, art, music and political activism.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Humor and patience.
-Length of Service in Education: 8 years in the schools, 10 years in Boys and Girls Clubs and non-profit youth organizations.

Mr. Shaenu Micou
Behavior Intervention Specialist

Email: micous

Ms. Tami Moreno
Teacher Assistant

Email: Morenot

jamilah.jpgMs. Jamilah Morris
Office Professional - Library

Email: morrisj

chris_naar.jpgMr. Chris Naar
Social Studies

Email: naarc

-Education:  BA in Teaching of History, University of Illinois at Chicago.
-Hobbies:  Traveling, camping, reading, playing guitar, and spending time with my family and friends.
-Strengths I Bring to Skyline- I bring a strong passion for teaching and learning.  I strive to ensure meaningful learning for every student I have the pleasure of teaching.  I bring experience teaching in a diverse urban environment where a positive attitude and a sense of humor are keys to motivating student learning.  I also bring a commitment to connecting the social sciences to my students’ lives, and providing them with opportunities to realize the power that they have to affect positive change.
-Years of Service in Education:  2 years teaching high school social studies in Chicago, Illinois

Ms. Melissa Nagy
Hearing Impaired Teacher's Assistant

Email: nagy

andrew_nalepa.jpgMr. Andrew Nalepa

Email: nalepaa

Education:  B.A. Psychology, Michigan State University, Ed.S. Loyola University of Chicago
Hobbies:  I love sports of all kinds. I enjoy playing and coaching Ice Hockey, travel, and spending time with friends and family
Strengths:  A strong belief that all students can learn and a willingness to find the best solution for each student and situation.  I have experience working with students individually and in groups and use skills to provide consultation, evaluation, intervention, and prevention in the school environment. 
Length of Service:  I've been teaching since 2005.  Also, I am a product of the Ann Arbor Public Schools.  I attended Abbot Elementary, Forsythe Middle School, and Pioneer High School as a student.

corey_nowitzki.jpgMr. Corey Nowitzke

Email: nowitzke

-Education: B.S. – Eastern Michigan University (Mathematics Major, Earth Science Minor)
-Hobbies: running, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I am very organized, motivated and hard working.  I look forward to passing on my enthusiasm for math to my students.
-Length of Service in Education: 1 year with Ann Arbor Public Schools (Huron High School, Pioneer High School)

jeff_oleksinski.jpgMr. Jeff Oleksinski
Mathematics Lead Teacher

Email: oleksins

Home Page

-Education: Bachelors of Science Education from the University of Michigan and Masters of Arts in K12 Educational Leadership from Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies: Bowling, Chess, Photography, Snowboarding, Watching Sports, New Technology
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Enthusiasm, Hard-working, Loyal, Team-player, Excitement for Student Success
-Length of Service in Education: 2002-2008 at Roberto Clemente and 2008 - present at Skyline High School

tom.jpgMr. Tom Pachera
Design Technology & Environmental Planning Lead Teacher

Email: pachera

Home Page

-Education: MS in Technology Education from Eastern Michigan University and a BA in Industrial Education and Theatre from Central Michigan University. Technology & Design Certification (K-12) Vocational Certification in Engineer Technology and Drafting & Design Technology, from Eastern Michigan University.
-Hobbies and Interests:  The Pachera family; Tom, Amy, Nicholas and Zachary make their home in the Skyline attendance area, and love being a part of the Ann Arbor community. During the summer months he owns and operates, Pachera Construction, a small construction company specializing in decks.  Mr. Pachera is active in the community through Huron Valley Habitat for Humanity and as a confirmation leader at  Zion Lutheran Church.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Technical and hands on skill, communication and relations to our youth; each of which is equally important in Design Technology. "I teach Design Technology because students can use all of what the learn in their academic classes to do real world problem solving."
-Length of Service: Mr. Pachera has taught Technology Education for 23 Years, Skyline for the past six years, ten years prior at Forsythe and the first seven at Parcells Middle School in Grosse Pointe. He currently teaches Introduction to Engineering and Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), Digital Electronics (DE), and Engineering Design & Development (EDD) courses as well as serving as an Adjunct Professor at EMU.  Mr. Pachera utilizes his Theatre Education and experience as one of Skyline’s Theatre Tech Directors.

john_packard.jpgMr. John Packard
Resource Room Teacher

Email: packardj

-Education: BS, Special Education, Eastern Michigan University; MA, Learning Disabilities, Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies: Anything involving the Muskegon River (especially fishing and floating), camping, golfing, bowling, and being with my family.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I started as an elementary educator before moving to high school. I’ve always been in special education and pride myself in staying current with special education laws and adaptive technology. I love my job.
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: I've been teaching since 1995, all in Ann Arbor.  I started my first 6 years as a teacher in an elementary self contained classroom for the Emotionally Impaired.  I then moved to Pioneer as a Teacher Consultant for the next 7 years. Finally, I came here to Skyline to become a Resource Room Teacher.  I've been at Skyline since the beginning.

mary.jpgMs. Mary Packard
Speech Pathologist

Email: packardm

-Education: MS in Urban Planning, MS in Education Speech & Language Pathology and BA in Psychology, Speech & Hearing Sciences all from the University of Michigan
-Hobbies: Sports - playing & watching, Golf, biking, knitting, reading and keeping up with my 3 sons!
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I have a wealth of experience helping students succeed academically and discover their own strengths.  I also bring a great enthusiasm for teaching, learning and helping students, parents and teachers understand the connection between language skills and lifelong learning.  My career has provided many opportunities to develop creative educational programming which I hope to share as well.
-Length of service in Education: I've been a practicing SLP since 1988, working with adults and children in the clinical and school settings in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Oak Park, MI.  I have also provided clinical training and participated in educational research at University of Michigan and Wayne State University. This is my first experience working with high schoolers and I find it incredibly invigorating!

Mr. Curtis Parmer
Occupational Therapy

Email: parmerc

pete.jpgMr. Peter Pasque
Instructional Technology Lead Teacher
SLC Equality

Email: pasque

-Education: MLS in Interdisciplinary Technology and a BA in Technology Education from Eastern Michigan University.
-Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, backpacking, woodworking, live music, exploring the technological world.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I am constantly taking courses, both formally and informally to further my education, and I very much enjoy sharing ideas with students and teachers to further develop educational environments.
-Length of Service: I have been teaching in public schools since 1995 with 12 of those years teaching at Roberto Clemente.

rachel_patterson.jpgMs. Rachel Patterson

Email: pattersr

-Education: I have a Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education, History & Psychology from Eastern Michigan University. I also earned my Master of Arts from Eastern Michigan University in School Counseling. I earned my Limited Licensed Professional Counselor
endorsement and am a Nationally Certified Counselor.
-Hobbies: I love spending time with my family, especially my sisters. I enjoy playing trivia with friends, knitting, traveling, and learning new and random facts. I really enjoy visiting museums and learning about this history of places I'm visiting. I like watching any Volleyball games, and the Detroit Tigers!
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A warm and caring spirit, a passion for seeing kids succeed, and building strong relationships with students and staff.
-Length of Service in Education: I have been teaching or counseling in some capacity since 2006. 

Ms. Lynette Perryman
Community Assistant

Email: perryman

chris_peterson.jpgMr. Chris Peterson

Email: petersoc

Home Page

Education: BA in English from UM
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, DJing, making music, travel, language
Strengths I bring to Skyline: Curiosity and patience
Length of service in Ann Arbor: 4.5 years
Length of service in Education: 8 years

Ms. Lisa Phillips
World Languages - Spanish

Email: phillipsl1

jennifer_pool.jpgMs. Jennifer Pool

Email: pool

-Education: B.S., Packaging, Michigan State University; M.B.A., University of Detroit; Secondary Education Certificate, Math Major and Psychology Minor, Eastern Michigan University.
-Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, reading, running and indoor soccer.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A love for learning and working with students. I draw on my previous work experience as a packaging engineer in the automotive industry to relate relevant math topics to industry. The computer, hands on and small group activities are used in my classroom to explore and reinforce math concepts. I am at Skyline first hour this year and the remainder of my day is at A2 Tech.
-Length of Service in Education: 5 years

allen.jpgMr. Allen Porter

Email: porteral

-Education: Saginaw Valley State University, B.A. History Major English Minor, M.A. Educational Leadership, Wayne State University
-Hobbies: Very involved in staying physically active. I also read and enjoy being with my family as much as possible.
-Strengths: I have taught a variety of subjects within both academic disciplines. I also am very involved with the extra curricular. I believe that by being an advisor for several different clubs and a high school coach for six years has helped me to round out students’ experiences and their education as a whole.
-Years of Public School Service: 9 years, 3 in Ann Arbor Public Schools.

Ms. Brittany Ray
English Language Arts

Email: rayb

Ms. Lynne Richards
Teacher Assistant

Email: richard6

Ms. Dawn Richberg
English Language Arts

Email: richberg

anne_marie_roberts.jpgMs. Anne-Marie Roberts
Speech & Theater

Email: robertsa

Home Page

-Education: B.S, Major in Theatre Arts, English Language and Literature, minor in History, Eastern Michigan University; M.A. Theatre Education, Northern Colorado University; Master classes, American Conservatory Theater
-Hobbies: sewing, gardening, homesteading, reading, camping with my husband and children.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A passion for connecting students to theatre.
-Length of Service: Beginning her teaching career at Community High School, Ms. Roberts has taught for the AAPS for 15 years. Ms. Roberts is a governing board member of the Michigan Educational Theatre Association. She was appointed to serve on the Michigan Department of Education’s MAEIA blueprint writing team, developing the Gold Standard in educational theatre for the State of Michigan. Ms. Roberts also serves as an adjudicator for the Educational Theatre Association.

Ms. Susan Rodriguez
Physical Therapist

Email: rodrigu3

treavor_rowton.jpgMr. Treavor Rowton
Teacher Assistant

Email: rowtont

Mr. Joe Samulak

Email: samulak

- Education: B.A. from the School of Education at U of M (Major in Math, Minor in Psych). M.A. from EMU in Educational Media and Technology.
- Hobbies: Weight lifting, running, developing my crossover (grew up in the D), playing guitar, writing (working on some memoirs of my childhood), wrote a crossword puzzle that was accepted into the NY Times, youth pastor in my church, play a mean game of Scrabble, and I love to make film shorts (check out my YouTube channel: jsamulak).  
- Strengths I bring to Skyline: my diverse upbringing (ask me about it sometime), passion for problem solving, fluent with technology, and my experience of working with youth since I was in college.
- Length of Service in Education: 10 years. 1 year as a sub in the Ann Arbor area. 7 years at Huron High School. 2011-2012 school year = my rookie year at Skyline.

Ms. Diane Sastre
World Languages - Spanish

Email: sastre

Home Page

merritt_scheffler.jpgMs. Merritt Scheffler
Teacher Assistant

Email: scheffle

-Education:  Assoc. Degree from WCC   Eastern michigan (almost complete) in Physical Ed./ health minor
-Hobbies:  Baking, bowling, reading, music, and travel. Sports has its own category because I live and breathe Maize and Blue!!!!
-Strengths:  I have a passion for working with kids in all facets.  I enjoy coaching and working with our students in the POHI classroom.  I bring a
compassionate and humorous approach to learning that seems to work very well for my personality.  I want to leave a positive imprint on those that I connect with at Skyline.
-Length of Service in Education:  2 years of Substitute Teaching in Ann Arbor.  3 years of coaching at Forsythe, Pioneer, and Skyline.  5 years of assistant teaching with POHI.

heather_schimmel.pngMs. Heather Schimmel

Email: schimmel

<span>-Education:&nbsp;M.A. in School Counseling from the University of Detroit Mercy, K-12 Endorsement and LLPC; B.S. in Secondary Education from Eastern Michigan University, 6-12 Biology and Chemistry Endorsements.</span><br /><span>-Hobbies:&nbsp;I enjoy camping, dancing, and spending time with my family.</span><br /><span>-Strengths I bring to Skyline:&nbsp;I am compassionate, caring, dedicated, innovative, and involved.&nbsp; I have had a great deal of experience organizing and leading groups in various settings.&nbsp; I have also had much experience with event planning.&nbsp; I'm currently the NHS adviser at Skyline and was the senior class moderator at my last school.&nbsp; I was responsible for planning and</span><br /><span>implementing events such as graduation, prom, and powderpuff football.</span><span>&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br /><span>-Length of Service in Education:&nbsp;13 years in schools; This is my 5th year at Skyline.&nbsp; Prior to counseling students at Skyline, I taught Science at Regina high school for 7 1/2 years.&nbsp; I began my career in education as a substitute teacher in Northville and Plymouth/Canton.&nbsp; I was also a camp director for 7 years.</span>

teresa_schnider.jpgMs. Teresa Schneider

Email: schneid1

-Education: Bachelors in Energy Management, and B.S. in Biology, both from Eastern Michigan. Masters in the Art of Teaching.
-Hobbies: Organic gardening, bee keeper, kayaking.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Native Ann Arborite who loves education, with a desire to keep the state healthy and students thinking critically about their environment. 
-Length of service in education: I taught environmental education at Leslie Science Center for 5 years and Honey Creek Community School for 6 years. I taught Life Science and Earth Science at Slauson Middle School for 10 years.

Ms. Lynn Schwind
Office Professional - SLC

Email: schwind

shari.jpgMs. Shari Shepherd
Teacher Consultant

Email: Shepherd

-Education:  M.A. Learning Disabilities, University of Detroit, B.A. Special Education Emotionally Impaired, Minors:  Psychology, Children's Literature and Dance., Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies:  Photography and Kayaking
-Strengths:  Enthusiasm for the education and the creative process; natural team player; interest and experience in culturally diverse pedagogy
-Years in Education: 26 years  including clinical, private and public education settings.

Ms. Linda Shill
World Languages - French

Email: shill

carina_sietz.jpgMs. Carina Sietz

Email: sietz

-Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Michigan, Secondary Education Certification in English and Dance, Masters in Education forthcoming, DePaul University
-Hobbies: Dancing in professional jazz dance company, teaching hip-hop at Dance Alliance, reading Gothic novels, cheering on the Bears during football season, and playing with my toddler, Franklin, at home.
-Strengths I Bring to Skyline: Enthusiasm, energy, and a love of reading and education.
-Length of Service in Education: Eight years teaching English at Pioneer High School, and almost twenty years teaching dance.

jason_smith.jpgMr. Jason Smith
Director of Bands

Email: smithja

Home Page

-Education: Michigan State University, BA, Music Education; University of Michigan, MA, Music Education
-Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with my wife Sarah and son Colton, playing outdoors, whether it be biking, running or being out on the water.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I bring a level of energy to whatever I do as this reflects in my own students’ attitudes. My humor in my teaching reflects my own personality and my desire to have fun in whatever I do.
-Length of Service in Ann Arbor: 7 years
-Length of Service in Education: 10 years

kim_smith.jpgMs. Kim Smith
Advisor, College and Career Center (The Cube)

Email: smithki

Mr. Matt Swain
Teacher Assistant

Email: swainm

Ms. Tina Trombley
Teacher Assistant

Email: trombley

-Education: Huron High and I attended WCC.
-Hobbies:  I have horses that I enjoy trail riding with my family, and mucking their stalls every weekend. It’s awesome having the summers with my children.  We go camping up north in our pop-up camper and hang out at the beach.  Last but not least running and lifting weights!!!!
- Strengths:  I am a no nonsense kind of gal.  I am always very truthful and straightforward. I enjoy empowering the young adults I work with and help them be as independent as possible.
-Length of service in Education: 20 years.

yolanda_trust.jpgMs. Yolanda Trust
Special Education

Email: trusty

Ms. Elizabeth Umle
Hearing Impaired Interpreter

Email: umle

Ms. Catrina Vaughn
Social Studies

Email: vaughn

dusti.jpgMs. Dusti Vincent

Email: vincentd

Home Page

-Education: B.S. Biology—University of Michigan; Teaching Certification from Eastern Michigan University. Major: Biology; Minor: Chemistry
-Hobbies: traveling, visiting museums, cooking & eating, reading, movies, exercise
-Strengths I brings to Skyline: I am enthusiastic and I love to try new things! Being a part of the Skyline team will give me the opportunity to teach in an innovative, multidisciplinary environment. I love science and I’m excited to teach an integrated curriculum!
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: 3 years

Ms. Briana Wade
Office Professional - Attendance & Book Depository

Email: wadeb

kay_wade.jpgMs. Kay Wade
Social Studies Lead Teacher

Email: wade

-Education: BA in History and an MS in Education U of M
-Hobbies: Dancing, Reading, genealogy research
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Experience-teaming, curriculum development and leadership, AP experience -Length of Service in Ann Arbor:12 years
-Length of Service in Education:36 years

andy_walker.jpgMr. Andy Walker
Teacher Assistant

Email: walkera

Mr. Dion Walls
Teacher Assistant

Email: wallsd

michelle.jpgMs. Michelle Wargo
Business, Marketing and Information Technology Magnet Lead Teacher

Email: wargo

Home Page

-Education: Undergrad: Business Education, Eastern Michigan University; Grad: Career, Technical and Workforce Education, Eastern Michigan University
-Hobbies: Camping, Canoeing, Traveling, Reading, Listening to Music
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: Dedication to continued education for myself and our students, Fresh perspective and experience, Desire to achieve, Organization skills, Creativity, Empathy, Flexibility, Enthusiasm and Positive attitude
-Length of Service in Ann Arbor: 12 years

casey.jpgMs. Casey Warner

Email: warnerc

-Education: B.S. in Oceanography and Biology from the University of Michigan, M.S. in Oceanography (Marine Geology and Geochemistry) from the University of Michigan; M.A. in Education from the University of Michigan
-Hobbies: Spending time with my family, being outdoors, and reading books.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: I have worked as a research scientist in the field of oceanography, so I am a valuable resource for students interested in pursuing a career in science. I bring with me a love of the sciences and an enthusiasm for teaching.
-Length of service in Ann Arbor: I have been teaching in Ann Arbor since 2002.
-Length of service in Education: Prior to teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Schools, I taught Oceanography and Environmental Science labs at the University of Michigan, and a Coral Reef Diseases course in the Caribbean (Cayman Islands).

kenitra.jpgMs. Kenitra Webster
Social Worker

Email: websterk

Home Page

Education: BSW from Eastern Michigan University, MSW from University of Michigan
Hobbies: Spending time with my family and traveling.
Strengths I bring to Skyline: A heart full of compassion, a listening ear, and a connection to community resources.
Length of Service in Education: 12 years

Ms. Stacia Weeks

Email: weeks


Ms. Holly Weller
Office Professional - Principal

Email: weller

Ms. Christia West

Email: westch

tonya_whitehorn.jpgMs. Tonya Whitehorn

Email: whitehot

-Education:  B.S. in Journalism from Eastern Michigan University.  Masters in Arts and Teaching from Wayne State University.
-Hobbies: I enjoy and cherish spending time with my son.  I love reading.  I do not have a favorite genre, but I try to keep up with most trends in Adolescent Literature.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline:  I love teaching and learning.  My strengthens include getting teens to see the connections between themselves and the characters they encounter in literature.  I have also been very successful with getting reluctant readers to discover the joy in reading a great book.
-Length of Service in Education:  10 years.  I spent a year and a half in Detroit Public Schools and I taught at Roberto Clemente Student Development Center for eight years.

Ms. Kristen Winter

Email: winterk

Home Page

-Education: BA Concordia University- Communications, Psychology, English Endorsement Post Bac Eastern Michigan University, Secondary Education

-Hobbies include cooking, animal rescue, and candle making.
-Strengths I bring to Skyline: A passion for creating curriculum that inspires further real world learning.  Experience in project based learning with community partners. Creating comfortable learning environments that support different styles of learning. A true enjoyment of secondary learners , with appreciation of varying thoughts and interests in the classroom. A love of reading that becomes contagious.
-Length of Service: Since September of 2000.

Ann Arbor Public Schools